Posted by: Jeremy K | October 6, 2008

A Hilarious Truth

I’m searching through the Internet, as I do, and I see a picture of something that is hilariously true. A person who has opted herself as being very intelligent (she has entered a competition that is based on knowledge) has failed a question of which the answer is taught in primary schools. See for yourself:

Now I do hope that the person’s attention is never brought to this site because she has undoubtedly already been assaulted by words on many occasions. However, it is funny enough to hopefully relieve some tension for people suffering from depression, thus I included it on this blog. 😛



  1. Because much like above, it’s too funny for words. Even if you feel bad for them.

  2. Jah, because everyone who suffers from depression reads your blog. O_o

    Still, that is undeniably the funniest thing seen on TV for a VERY long time. 😀

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