Posted by: Jeremy K | October 6, 2008

XP vs. Vista – my experiences


OK, so everyone has probably heard someone else rave and rant about just how bad Vista is and all its problems and all the crap that they don’t like about it. But is Vista really that bad??? I say, no.

When I purchased my new computer around 12 months ago (around September 2007) I decided that it’d be a better use of my money to just buy Vista now instead of getting XP only to upgrade later and waste quite a bit of cash. I decided on Vista home Premium and I really have had not that many problems. It only started having BSOD’s (blue screens of death) after I messed with a little program called ATI tool (I do not recommend!). It is an over-clocking tool used for graphics cards. And to make matters worse I was using it with an old NVIDIA graphics card, (yes… I know). I took it to far and have been paying for it ever since, (hence the BSOD’s).

Now there is one thing that many users of Vista just love to hate, and hate it they do. This is user account control. You know, that thing that asks for your permissions to open a game/program/office document/just-about-anything!!! Well I simply turned it off the very first day that I used my computer; so suffer all you noobs who cannot find out how to kill the thing. I also got rid of the vista desktop sidebar on the first day but that isn’t such a bad thing, I just didn’t like it is all, :P.

Sure Vista has its problems… I’m going to go ahead and list a few right here:

  • ~ Takes between 1-20 seconds to delete a 13kb file that is already in the recycling bin, sometimes it takes longer.
  • ~ Vista envelops all of your RAM and asks for more, more and even more!!! Do not attempt to run vista without 2gb of RAM or else you will find a significant drop in overall performance.
  • ~ Its hard drive search engine really needs some different default settings, but after you’ve changed these it is all right.
  • ~ So much harder to successfully share files over a home network. I mean seriously Microsoft; does it really need to be that dang hard?!
  • ~ When using the Defragmentation program, it doesn’t show current progress, 😛
  • ~ It also has extra compatibility issues with older programs, :S

A couple of the things listed above are a bit trivial; a few might make people steer away but it really isn’t all bad.

  • ~ Vista auto detects and sets up any wired Ethernet network that is plugged into the computer; this can be quite useful indeed.
  • ~ Vista has decent desktops to choose from, (I’m referring to the ones involving a large landscape, most of the other ones suck, :P).
  • ~ Vista has a game explorer… it’s OK, I guess.
  • ~ Vista has fewer viruses programmed for it thus far when compared with XP, which is always a good thing.
  • ~ Vista has other small upgrades like better view types and folder options along with the upgrade to the address bar in windows explorer that allows for easier transport between folders, (I use a lot of folders, :P).
  • ~ Vista supports try Dx10 and other upgrades of the like

In general, Vista on my computer has had many less problems then what I’ve seen on other peoples computers of which are running XP. Now needless to say that this is obviously going to be because of the way that the person uses their computer, not XP’s fault. However, what I am saying is that if Vista is used properly it will definitely not cause more havoc then when XP is not being used properly. Very rarely do I find myself in a situation where I am getting annoyed at my computer for running Vista and not XP.

To conclude: I still haven’t figured out why Microsoft released Vista, except for the obvious reason of making money, because most of the changes that I can see should have been achievable in a service pack to XP. However, there isn’t anything enough wrong with Vista to stop me from using it, especially with the threat of future programs not being programmed for XP, (dang Microsoft!).

Peace out, XD


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