“As special as anyone” is a blog created to share what I have to give.

Olá, (which strictly translates into: hello). I am Jeremy, the creator of this site and I bid you welcome. I hope that you enjoy your stay.

As a Christian living in the western world I know a quite a bit about many different things, but am also at the same time ignorant about many more things. This site will contain information about any topic of life that I care to write about. On the other side of the same coin, I am also open to hear what you have to say and thus welcome greatly any and all input that is provided in a positive and non-destructive manner.

A note on myself: I am a Christian living in the “modern world” of the twenty-first century, A.D. I was raised as a Christian and I believe in the God of the Bible, what he has done and that he is loving and merciful. My interests include exploring my faith, questioning the conventions of the world, discussing certain aspects of the English language and how it has changed, conversing with friends and family, discerning the ways of computers and eating delicious food.

To know some of the topics, styles or genres of information that I include on this site, please see the sitemap for further details.

A small, or not so small, disclaimer: I claim that I am a Christian and that I believe in the God of the Bible. I would like to bring up now that every human is not perfect in their actions and that this definitely includes me. THUS when reading the material on my site, I plead of you to take it for what it is worth. In addition, please do not associate anything that I do wrong with anything or anyone else that I may or may not be affiliated with. Please understand that I am a person who does not know everything and that I am changing and learning as time goes by and that my views may often contain “opinions” which are commonly short-lived.

If you wish to contact me then look no further. My email is jeremyhahaha909@hotmail.com – please no spam, 😛

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